Where to buy the new Xbox Series X/S console | Restock Updates

 The demand for Xbox Series X is more than its stock. Therefore its seems very challenging to purchase an Xbox Series X console. In this blog, we are going to share all the updates about the restock of the Xbox Series X  on different e-commerce platforms.

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xbox series x restock

When will be Xbox Series X/S Restocks?

 Different E-com platforms have different updates about restocks of the Xbox series X console we are going to share all the details about restocks one by one.

Gamestop Xbox series X/S Restock On October 7

From the latest updates, Gamestop is announcing the limited stock of Xbox series X which will come up with the release day sale of FRY CRY 6 video game on October 7.

xbox series x restock

But there is a condition that you will be a Power Up rewards pro member.
Last time Gamestop, launches the Xbox Series X for all the non-members but this time this will definitely be for the Power Up rewards member.

Xbox Series X will be restocked on 7 October along with Fry Cry 6 game.

Xbox Series X/S restocks on Staples

According to the latest information, It might be a very possible chance that Staples has Xbox series X/S in-store restock. If it will right information then you all are going to see Xbox series X within a week in-store.
You will have to check your local store to not being disappointed.
 We will get this information from a Tweet of  @Lordofrestocks.
We are hoping that this information is quite valuable for you.

Xbox series X/S restock

Xbox Series X/S restocks on Microsoft within a Week

xbox series x restock

For the past few weeks, Microsoft tries to avail Xbox Series X/S in restocks but is it will be happening for this week (4-10 October)?
Well, the answer is it might be because from the past few weeks Microsoft go live with the Xbox X series but it was booked within a second. 
This week you may be a chance to order the Xbox X series if you checking the Microsoft store.

Xbox Series X restocks on Amazon   

About Amazon, it's quite difficult to predict that when the Xbox X series restocks because it is one of the largest retailers in the world.
As we all know that Amazon will soonly live for the preorder of Halo Infinite Xbox series X console. If this is happening then we will be going to see the console live on Amazon soon. The possible date range is within a month or two.

Xbox Series X restock on Antonline

Like all the above platforms it is typical to say about Ant-online that when Xbox series X will be restocked and available for you because there is a supply shortage of Xbox series X.

xbox series x restock

Last week it was coming up with a limited number of Xbox series S stock but this time we will hope that it will come with Xbox Series X console. As we know that it is not so much a large retailer so it sells consoles in a bundle form which means you have to pay a little more amount to purchase your device.

Xbox Series X/S restock this week: Best Buy

  Before a couple of weeks, Bestbuy supplied a thousand next-gen Xbox series X/S consoles to the thousand gamers. But now within a week, the chances of going live the Xbox next-gen console is not easy for the Bestbuy, because the demand is so high for the Xbox Series X and the supply is too short.
We really hope that this week BestBuy avail Xbox Series X and restocks it for all the buyers who want it to buy. 

Xbox Series X/S Restock Walmart

xbox series x restock

Walmart is one of the largest retailers, A couple of weeks ago it had one of the largest restock of the next-gen consoles. Also, it had a pre-order of a limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox X series console.
According to the latest updates from Walmart, it seems to be very challenging to grab the Xbox series X console in the upcoming week. If it will go live then be ready to purchase early as possible.


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if you have any doubt please let me know!

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