How can we help people being addicted to computer games?

Young people these days are really crazy about computer games and spend most of their time in front of the computer screen. Games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Final Fantasy, Pubg, COD, etc. draw millions of players into the virtual world every day.

As you all know, too much of anything is harmful, the same is the case with computer gaming, if you're devoting too much of your time playing computer games leaving other important things behind, it's an addiction. 

The difference between a healthy fun gaming hobby and an addiction is the negative impact this activity is having on your life. 

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How can we help people being addicted to computer games?

Gaming addiction is an actual health disorder mentioned by the WHO(World Health Organization) in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases.

Here I am going to tell you what causes computer game addiction and how we can help people being addicted to computer games.

What causes computer game addiction?

How can we help people being addicted to computer games?

Computer game addiction is caused by the below-mentioned factors:-

Game Design

Games are designed to be engaging, entertaining, and fun. Game designs play an important role in keeping players hooked and are part of the people developing problems with computer game addiction.

The better the graphics are, the better the gameplay is, and the more you are into it the more you get addicted to it. 

Game developers basically focus on developing designs and put high-end graphics that makes the virtual world look exactly real. 

Instant fun and pleasure

Heavy Gaming provides you with instant enjoyment which makes you release a high amount of dopamine also known as the feel-good hormone, giving you instant fun and pleasure. 
Dopamine alters the brain at the cellular level, commanding the brain to repeat the process. You gradually get habitual to that pleasure which ultimately becomes an addiction.

In-app features

Computer games these days offer numerous options like loot boxes, modified avatars, which really attract players. You can also change the design and color of your car, guns, parachutes, planes, etc. with just one click.
All these features are an attraction to the gamers and they avail or purchase these features to make their experience even better leading them to get addicted to the game. 

Challenges and Endless adventure

Once inside the gaming world, it really takes you to a different zone where you are the king of your own world, and you are engaged to it till you die or if the game is over. 
Each update in the game comes with a new mission to keep the players more engaged to it, players try their level best to tackle or finish those hard-to-achieve missions, and the more they keep trying, the more they get addicted to it.

Heavy Adrenaline rush

How can we help people being addicted to computer games?

Combat and survival games are so adventurous that at extreme stages in the game it makes your adrenal gland release a heavy amount of adrenaline which increases your heart rate making you feel more excited and alert. 
As you go deep into the game you realize you're having the best experience of your life and you want to discover more of it so you go even more into it, gradually this process becomes an addiction and you realize it's too late for you to overcome it.

Multiplayer mode

According to studies, the majority of people who suffer from the symptoms of video game addiction play multiplayer games on the internet. The thing about multiplayer gaming is that you get to play with other players in a squad from different places which are really fun and engaging, and interactive.

If you are an introvert and if you sometimes find it difficult to get socialize, multiplayer mode really comes up to be a lifesaver to you as you don't have to speak very much and still you get to make friends. 

Most of the combat and survival games like Pubg, Fortnite, Freefire, COD, etc. comes with additional features like world chat options to interact with players located in different parts of the world.


You're tired of your daily routine and lifestyle, and you just want peace for a little while, so you jump into computer games which take you to the world of new hopes, fun, and pleasure.

Most people go through heartbreaks and failures in their life which really makes them sad and they just want to go over it or move on, so they use computer games and other things to help them out with their sadness and they use it too much which ultimately becomes an addiction.


There is no one in the world who doesn't want gifts and rewards in their life, be it real life or the virtual one. The thing about rewards in computer games is that it opens up new doors for you which provides you with new opportunities and adventures making you hook to the game for extra hours and after a while as a result you get addicted to the game. 
It even sometimes gives you real cash rewards which is really the cherry on the cake for the addiction.

Symptoms of computer game addiction

How can we help people being addicted to computer games?

Thinking and talking about the game all the time

People who are into computer games tend to think and talk more about gaming as they aren't socialized and they don't know much about other topics. People with this problem look for the same type of people to have friendships with as they're more comfortable with them. You don't have the curiosity to learn new things as you are heavily involved in gaming and the only thing that you care about is computer games.

Having no excitement to do other things

You had some hobbies and you were good at certain things before you started gaming, but now the only thing that you know is games and gaming, you're that deep into gaming that you don't want to do other things that you liked to do before you jumped into computer games full time. Most of the time you're playing computer games and the rest of the time you're sleeping and you don't even like your favorite food anymore.

Having problems at work, school, or home

You've got your exams coming next week you're trying to study but your mind is thinking of the gaming missions all day and night or you've got a job interview scheduled for tomorrow but you're into finishing your missions first which really affects your interview.
The thing about gaming addiction is that it actually affects your day-to-day lifestyle to a level where everything becomes chaotic after some time.

Behavioral changes

You're into combat and aggressive computer games where for survival you are involved in a lot of fightings and killings which are really violent in nature. Your mind adapts to these types of things and your behavior becomes aggressive. As a result of this aggressive behavior, you get started with fights in real life too, which can really be dangerous at certain stages.

Gaming to ease bad moods and feelings

You had a bad day at your school or work, or you had a fight with your girlfriend, or you failed your exams and your mind and soul is burning like hell, so to overcome this you just jump into computer games to feel good, and it comes out to be your best friend at the end of the day.
Now your best friend is always there for you and whenever you're having a bad mood or not feeling good you just go with your best friend unaware of the fact that your best friend is your enemy who has become your addiction.

How can we help people being addicted to computer games?

How can we help people being addicted to computer games?

The first step toward conquering computer game addiction is to put down the controller and take a step back.

There are few steps mentioned below that you can follow to help people being addicted to computer games:-

Setting time limits

Since computer game addiction is something that eats a really good portion of a player's time and getting over it completely, in beginning, is almost not possible. So what we can do to help people overcome this problem is that we can help them set time limits to play, yes it would be frustrating for them but in return, we can give them rewards and gifts if they follow those time limits set by you properly.

Engaging in other activities

Your friend is sitting all day long in front of the computer screen playing computer games leaving all the other activities behind, now is the time for you to take the command and help him do some other activities which were his favorite once. You are his friend so you better know what is his favorite activities and what he used to like. It sounds easy but it actually is not, you really need to put some actual good amount of effort to bring him back to the playground or gym or help him picking up his favorite guitar.

A trip to addict's favorite place

Taking your computer games-addicted kid or friend to his favorite place or trekking for a few days or weeks would surely distract him from the games since he won't be able to take his gaming equipment wherever he goes. Along with this, he would also indulge in some physical activity which is much needed as he sits on his chair all day long doing no physical activity at all. The best thing about traveling to new places is that not only do you get to explore new places but also you get to know your inner self, and this is really great as your addicted friend would know what he was doing wrong.

Professional Counseling 

Professional counseling sessions are basically therapies where we meet a therapist to resolve mental issues. If your kid or friend is struggling with computer game addiction and you have tried your best to help him overcome this problem but was of no help. Now is the time to take him to a professional therapist. They are experts in their field and they know how to help him get over computer game addiction. There are plenty of websites on the internet that will help you find the nearest therapist to you.

Discarding the gaming equipment

A severe addiction to computer games might require some drastic solutions. 
Discarding the gaming equipment of your kid or friend who is severely addicted to computer games is the ultimate and the only solution to save them from this harmful disorder.
This can be difficult for you as well as for them because they'd totally burst into flames seeing their equipment getting discarded in front of their eyes but gradually it will be easy and smooth to get along with the process.

How can we help people being addicted to computer games?

Computer game addiction is something that really needs to be taken seriously and if the addiction is getting worse, the addict should be taken to the experts immediately.


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