Should children be allowed to play mobile games?

In today's hi-tech world, children and small kids are more inclined towards technological aspects and have a sort of technical mindset which is good to a certain point but resists them to learn the ethical values needed in real life.

In this post, we're going to discuss, should children be allowed to play mobile games?

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Should children be allowed to play mobile games?

So, Should children be allowed to play mobile games?

The answer to this question is somehow, both yes and no. 

I have seen many parents giving their mobile phones to their children when they cry or demand something and they literally stop crying as their minds are distracted towards something else. This is a temporary solution that almost every parent does to stop their kids from crying but the problem arises later on when the children grow and suffer some health issues like weak eyesight, migraine, behavioral disorder, etc.

Mobile games these days are really addictive and sometimes violent in nature which affects the mental health of the children and also makes them aggressive.

On the other hand, there are few positive points of mobile games too which are listed below:-

Should children be allowed to play mobile games?

Problem-solving skills

Puzzle, sudoku, and spelling games these days are really focused on problem-solving which basically helps children to think and use whatever knowledge they have. Children learn fast if they are exposed to learning things practically, these types of games are entirely practical in nature. 

Sparks creativity

Painting, cake baking, shape coloring games which are played by children add to their creative skills. Children really enjoy these types of games and along with this, they are learning new things too. Children's brain at a young age is always ready to grasp new things and experiences, exposure to good things really stimulates brain cells which add to their brain growth or development.

Enhances knowledge

There are so many Spelling and phonics games available on the internet which are really thoughtful, fun, and engaging and enhances the knowledge of children in a playful way. These games focus on grabbing the child's attention to answer the spellings correctly and every time if the child finds the correct word he learns a new word which is really good to enhance his knowledge.

Visual-spatial abilities

There are some games like Minecraft and Racing games in which players have to navigate through a 3D virtual world. These games really help children develop a better understanding of distance and space and which in return add to their visual-spatial abilities.

There are few things that you should keep in mind as a parent before allowing your children to play mobile games:-

Should children be allowed to play mobile games?

Playing mobile games shouldn't interfere with other activities

Parents should really focus on their children's overall growth, the physical growth of the children is as important as mental growth. Mobile games at some points help to develop the mental aspects, but to a certain fixed level. Parents should also look after their child's development in social, behavioral, languages, and communication as these things are going to be very important when the child grows.
Activities like sports, hobbies, cooking, exercises, etc. should definitely be involved in the child's life for overall growth.

Mobile games should be suitable for children age group

As mentioned earlier, Some mobile games these days are violent and aggressive and sometimes adult in nature. For Children and teens of age group 5-16, they should not be exposed to these games as it might be harmful to them. 
Mobile games nowadays come with ratings for the age groups, parents should consider that before allowing their children to download the games.

Set time limits

Consider setting time limits for your children to play mobile games. The more they spend time on mobile games the more is the chance of getting addicted to it. Giving rewards to the children if they follow time limits properly can be a good start to it as they will be excited to get the rewards or gifts and would eagerly wait to finish their game and get the rewards or gifts.

Time for other activities

A mobile game is not everything in this world, there are plenty of other things which are needed to be done by children for example school, homework, sports, hobbies, etc. need a proper time routine which is only possible if everything happens timely. Parents should maintain a perfect balance of all the activities that their children are supposed to do on a regular basis.

Keep an eye on the game

Parents should keep their eyes on their child's mobile games, that way they can catch any inappropriate content in the games and if something inappropriate actually happens, parents can get their children out of it immediately. 

Stop your kid from in-app purchases

Well, children don't really need in-app purchases which most of the time are costly and they just click on the purchase button thinking it's normal and also children don't know the value of money, they think their parents have got good money and can buy them anything they want. Parents should teach their kids the value of money from a young age and should put their children into the habit of saving money.

Overall, Mobile games have both positive and negative effects, however, the biggest concern is understanding the effects of mobile games on children. 
In conclusion, I would say children should be allowed to play mobile games, and their parents should always keep in mind the negative effects of mobile games too.


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