PS 6 - PlayStation 6 Release date?

At present, we all are aware of PS 5 (Sony PlayStation 5). Many of us also think that when will be the PS 6 release

For the past three decades, SONY Plystations got an unreplaceable place in Gamers' heart.
So many of us are very curious to think about when the PS6 will release?

Well thinking about PS 6 Launch in 2020, is a little bit funny because already PS 5 available in the stores, and many of the early adopters of PS5 (PlayStation 5) experiencing the futuristic 
Those who are saving their money for the PlayStation 6 will have to wait more because it takes a longer time as per Sony.
Sony clearly announces that there will not be any new console released till 2021. So the question arises in our mind that when will be the Playstation 6 release?.
let's find it out.

PS 6 - PlayStation 6 Release date


The reality is that it is a very uncertain thing, to say about when will be Playstation 6 (PS6) release? But Apart from that, we can make a guess by figuring out the past Playstations released dates?   
The First Playstation console (PS) launched on 3rd December 1994, which is the Japanese Version of Playstation and it takes approximately one year to launch the English version of Playstation in different countries like America, Australia, and Europe.
The First Playstation got a great success and popularity until the next PS launch.

On 4 March 2000, The Playstation 2 officially launched in Japan. And it takes almost eight months to launch in America, Europe, and Australia.
Like First Playstation, Playstation 2 also got more popularity and it is one of the trending gaming Console of that time.

And after six years, On 11 November 2006 Playstation 3 first launched in Japan. And this time it took a week to launch the Playstation 3 (PS 3) in countries like America Australia, and Europe. This time the gamers from America, Australia, and Europe have not waited so much for the PS 3.

Unlike all the previous launches of the Sony PlayStations Consoles, this time PlayStation 4 officially launched in America on 15 November 2013 and after that, it ended in Japan on 22 February 2014.

Now in 2020, we all are very familiar that at the starting of November 2020, PS 5 or Playstation 5 officially launched. The craze of Playstation among all the gamers is too much. There are many new games launched with the launch of PS 5.

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PS 6: Playstation 6 Release Date?

PS 6 - PlayStation 6 Release date

By Analysing the past three decades of Playstation released dates now we can easily get an idea that when will be the highest probability of launching the SonyPlaystation 6. 

So let's compare the past progression of releasing dates of Playstations, so the gap between First PlayStation and Playstation 2 is 6 years, and between PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 is again 6-year difference, unlike the past year's difference, the gap between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 is approximately 7 years. And it is almost the same for PS 4 and PS 5.

PS 6 - PlayStation 6 Release date

Finally analyzing all those released dates of PlayStations. We can now clearly assume that by the end of the year 2027-2028 the PlayStation 6  will officially be launched. It could take longer because there were many efforts and time should be taken to upgrade graphics, hardware, and fixing the bugs, and to add next-gen features that will meet the consumer's interest.

There might be possibilities that PS 6 will be released with more futuristic features such as Wireless,  enhanced VR  technology, and C-type charging support, and much more added features according to that time.

So this is all about the Playstation 6 release. 

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