7+ Entertaining Pokèmon games for Android

If you have grown up watching and loving Pokèmon shows then you should try the Pokèmon games available on the Google Play Store. Be it catching different types of Pokèmons or training them for an ultimate face-off, the Pokèmon games for Android have become better and more diverse over time.

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1. Magikarp Jump

Pokèmon games for Android

In the list of 7+ entertaining pokemon games, the one is the MAGIKARP JUMP.  It is one of the latest, simple, easy to play pokemon game in trend. In this pokemon game, your work is to train the Magikarp for making it stronger to win this pokemon game from your opponent  MAGIKARP.  The game is all about flopping all around and splashing.  This  Pokemon Game may feel you like silly but it will surely give you fun and joy. So go for it if you love pokemon and pokemon games
Playstore link:- Magikarp Jump 

2. Pokèmon Go

Pokèmon games for Android

The second in the list of Pokemon Games that you must give a try is Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is the best Pokemon Mobile App, awarded with the Best App of the year. In this Pokemon Game, you go outside, explore the world, catch and collect the Pokemons, complete your Pokemon Pokedex, and battle with other opponents. This Pokemon game is surely going to give you a real-life adventure, where you explore, team up, fight, and level up. If you want an adventure and action with Pokemons, then this Pokemon game is only for you. 
Playstore Link:- Pokemon Go

3. Pokèmon Home

Pokèmon games for Android

When we come to the pokemon home in the list of 7+ entertaining pokemon game, then it's not exactly a kind of game. Pokemon home is a cloud service just to facilitate the other pokemon games. Pokemon home provides a place where you can collect all your pokemon and trade them also with other players in the world. This game helps you in taking your pokemon that you want to pokemon sword and pokemon sheild game. In the pokemon home, you get a National Pokedex also where you can check all your pokemon progress and their abilities and moves. Pokedex will give you a profile view of all your pokemon collection. You can complete your national Pokedex by storing more pokemon to pokemon home
Playstore link:- Pokemon home

4. Pokèmon Masters EX

Pokèmon games for Android

In 7+ entertaining Pokemon games, this one Pokemon game is completely battle and action-based. 
Pokemon master ex is a great adventurous fight with champions, trainers, and Pokemon. Teaming up and winning the battles in Champion Stadium with your sync pairs will take you to the top and give you a position in the Hall Of Fame
Unlocking special outfits and moves you can increase your sync pairs strength to 6★ and can add more pokemon from the hatched egg for a strong team. 
Playstore link:- Pokemon Masters EX

5. Pokèmon Playhouse

Pokèmon games for Android

From all above mentioned Pokemon games, this one Pokemon game is especially for the little ones of age 3-5, but if you love Pokemon still after being young then you can go for it for little fun. 
Pokemon Playhouse is a kind of house for the Pokemon with different locations from the lounge to the playground. With different locations, you find different activities to do like grooming up the Pokemon, listening to stories, finding the Pokemon in the night sky. As you explore the Pokemon house and complete the activities, you got closer to get a new Pokemon from a hatched egg which is given at the starting of the Pokemon Playhouse game. It's a kind of fun Pokemon game and highly recommend for the younger ones for better understanding and learning. Controls are very easy and kids will explore a lot from it. If you are not from 3-5, even then you will love it.
Playstore Link:- Pokemon Playhouse

6. Pokèmon Quest

Pokèmon games for Android

Pokemon Quest is another Pokemon game that will give you a new experience with cubic shaped pokemon, other than the Pokemon you know and love. With this cubic pokemon, you can go out for exploring the Tumblecube, an island of cubes with all your pokemon friends, and search out the hidden treasure of Tumblecube
On the journey of Tumblecube, you came across some danger and battles with the wild Pokemons. Make more Pokemon friends and create a strong Pokemon team to fight out the wild pokemon. Stay in the base camp which is your home, and decorate it with your expeditions on the islands. 

Playstore Link:- Pokemon Quest

7. Pokèmon Rumble Rush

Pokèmon games for Android

Pokemon rumble rush is another search and catches a pokemon game. 
Like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Quest, also in pokemon rumble rush, you search out for the pokemon in islands and seas. When you find a pokemon, you catch it and train it for the battle with the opponent. You have to always find a better and stronger pokemon than your opponent to win the fight. Once you choose your representative pokemon then you can control your moves on the screen by swiping and tapping and can also upgrade the power of your pokemon.
Playstore Link:- Pokemon Rumble Rush

8. Pokèmon Duel

Pokèmon games for Android

After all action and battle pokemon games, this one pokemon game is based on your strategies. This Android pokemon game is best for using your brain then your strength. Pokemon duel is a simple game made with the mixed ideas of Card and Chess games. In a pokemon duel, you made a squad of pokemon to battle with the opponent players. Now for winning the game, you use your strategies to move your pokemon in such a way to defeat the other pokemon squad.
Official Link:- Pokemon Duel

9. Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokèmon games for Android

This is one more Pokemon Puzzle game in the list of 7+ entertaining Pokemon games, but it's completely different from the Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. Pokemon Cafe Mix is an offline game. 
As the name shows, you will own a Pokemon cafe that will serve dishes and drinks to the customer Pokemon. 
Now to serve the waiting Pokemon customers, you have to link the Pokemon icons and solve the puzzle. The more you serve, the more you get the Pokemon customers and you can expand your cafe and grow your business. This will actually give you a real feel of owning a Cafe of cute Pokemons
What makes this game a real fun is the graphics and art. You will get a stylish and cute design from the cafe to little details of each of the food. It will be a pleasure to go through this Pokemon Cafe
Playstore Link: Pokemon Cafe mix

10. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Pokèmon games for Android

The third one comes to the Pokemon Shuffle Mobile in the list of 7+ Entertaining Pokemon Game. It's a type of puzzle Pokemon game. In Pokemon Shuffle Mobile you arrange the three Pokemon in a row, horizontally or vertically, to battle against the wild Pokemon. As you win the battle, you grow up in the level with some more difficult stages. If you like puzzles, used to play puzzle games like Candy Crush, and also like Pokemon, then these Pokemon shuffle mobile will be the best entertaining Pokemon game for you. 

Playstore Link: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile 



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