top upcoming pc games

We all know that today is the time of digital games. Video games are the major source of entertainment for many of us. So here is the list of Top 15 upcoming pc games in 2021 which every game lover must be known.


top upcoming pc games

1st upcoming pc game on our list is Humankind.
 Developed by the same minds as the impressive forex fantasy strategies endless legend and endless Space Amplitude studios is taking on human history instead of just sticking to one civilization like sid Meier. Humankind will allow players to go through six different eras from the pages of our own history there's a lot of potential in this one considering that strategy titles have become a mainstay genre for pc players it's nearly releasing this April 2021.


top upcoming pc games

Amazon Studios have been making games recently too their previous project crucible was unfortunately canceled due to low player numbers with that out of the way. The studio now has the focus to present their biggest project to date it's an MMORPG that could complete with the big leagues in the genre such as Warcraft and even Final Fantasy XIV if they did this right it takes players into an unforgiving high fantasy world where the possibilities are endless. There is not a lot of info available so far but this upcoming pc exclusive game comes out this spring 2021.


top upcoming pc games

Siberia the world before is The most awaited upcoming PC game for 2021. The world before takes the atmospheric gameplay to new heights with a third-person perspective even more immersive for the high-end computers solving puzzles and exploring every nook and cranny in its vibrant settings has always been the series standout moments and it's a huge upgrade in this title it's still a pc exclusive however judging from its previous entries it might appear on console soon after its release next year.


top upcoming pc games

Combining dark fantasy in the first-person shooter which fire feels like they could be best friends with id software's doom and Miyazaki's dark souls developed by the team behind the vanishing of Ethan carter and the fast-paced bullet storm, it's a narrative-driven adventure with heavy shooter elements the first trailer was revealed back in 2017 and to this day there's only a small glimpse of what we know about the game so far except for its souls-like mechanics it's looking pretty promising so far despite the minimal online attention and according to reports it's an upcoming pc game slated for a 2021 release.


top upcoming pc games

Darkest dungeon 2 will pave the way to even more terrifying forms of madness that plague these lowly adventurers this follow-up promises to remain true to the original's core concepts there's still no hand-holding involved and players will be kept in the dark from time to time their upcoming PC exclusive game launch will be an early access preview exclusively on the epic the game store next year while they're keeping many details close to the chest for now the early access is scheduled sometime in 2021.


top upcoming pc games

The 6th Upcoming PC exclusive game on our list is Shadow warrior 3. As a legendary warrior stop an overwhelming demon army from taking over the world using a variety of free running movements and some serious firepower the gameplay hasn't changed much from its previous titles players still slice dice and shoot their way to victory the only difference now is that slaying these abominations comes with style it's coming to the pc sometime next year.


top upcoming pc games

One of the biggest hits on steam this year and surprisingly it's an upcoming PC exclusive horror game. Phasmaphobia's biggest strength is in its early access experiment the devs are continually supporting it by adding more content in the months to come this includes new maps and ghost types the game is all about documenting the paranormal with friends but the catch is these specters aren't exactly friendly. Communicate with the entities and perform rituals to lure them out of their realm it's a fun game to play with friends and it gets crazier in every passing moment. Its full release is coming out next year.


top upcoming pc games

Balder's Gate 3 the Upcoming PC  game. All the new fans will find its magical world alluring as this new installment will stay faithful to their roots as usual Baldur's gate is a game that came from dungeons and dragons new players might find the mechanics a tad bit intimidating. Maybe the game is nearing its launch.


top upcoming pc games

9th Upcoming PC exclusive game in the list is Postal 4: No Regrets There's nothing more outrageous than this comedic first-person shooter from running with scissors. postal returns to its series roots and will explore postal dude's story even if no one asked no regret is trying to turn up the notch by adding a handful of new weapons quests and surprisingly a co-op multiplayer the consistency of its raunchiness is what makes the series great no definite release date yet as the game is still in its alpha stage but is expected to come out next year.


top upcoming pc games

This fresh MMORPG from artificial core borrows concepts from the known top-down MMOs such as diablo and path of exile but introduces their own strength which is the satisfaction of exploration using fog of war mechanics in core punk players are encouraged to scrounge every nook and cranny within its post-apocalyptic world like many moms player progression is defined by their own choices such as engaging in trading with other players or dungeon crawling PVP is also present. however, this upcoming PC game is aiming for a release late next year.


top upcoming pc games

We have now reached uncharted territory first on the list is the elusive banner lord after a series of untimely delays and murky announcements bannerlord is finally in early access but its release date is yet to be revealed with this early access players will now see the fruits of what seems to be decade-long labor they can finally drop into their medieval playground but they have to make do with a few bugs along the way it's the ultimate medieval sandbox RPG where players can enjoy seamless warfare with a boatload of possibilities too early to celebrate.


top upcoming pc games

The never-ending space combat and trading upcoming PC  game from cloud imperium is the perfect example of development hell it has suffered numerous production issues since its expected release date back in 2014 its full release was delayed to oblivion causing most of their fan base to criticize the development team and request for refunds the good news now is that they found their footing just recently their team shared a massive roadmap that showcased their promises and plans for the future of their project the game is still in its early access stage it's playable and it's hailed as one of the most immersive space sims in the market as for its full release maybe next year.


top upcoming pc games

Another Upcoming PC exclusive game that tear down is the ultimate destructible game where everything can be blown up to pieces the main objective is to plan a heist using the game's voxel environments and steal prized possessions be it elaborate or downright primitive a campaign is available to play in its early access phase and players can enjoy an escalating story with this interesting set of characters however there's more content dropping before the game is going for a full release very soon.


top upcoming pc games
This beautiful and cozy Upcoming PC exclusive game demands little busy work compared to most games right now be one with nature and escape the woes of the urban jungle and into a vibrant forest while waiting to be explored the goal in this game is simply enjoy the day-to-day activities by cooking food crafting and making the cabin extra chill for some introspective moments there's a ton of content coming before this game gets its major release hopefully next year.


top upcoming pc games

15th and last Upcoming PC exclusive game in our list is The Outlast Trials Red barrel's next chapter to their frightening survival horror enters the multiplayer realm no longer will players suffer alone with their terrifying creatures now they can bring their friends in a series of challenging gauntlets all in an effort to escape from the sadistic playground use every survival instinct possible and strategize the most efficient way to take down the lingering threat puzzle solving is also around and it'll test friendships.

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