Things you should know before buying a Gaming Smartphone

As we all know that Mobile gaming has advanced at a rate that has surpassed our expectations in the previous few years, many of our professional gamers and mobile players want to know what are the key specification and important features needed for our Gaming smartphone while playing high-end games. 

So we are here to solve all your queries about phones, their specification, and details such as (RAM, GPU, high refresh rate, etc). 

Specifications and functionality of smartphones have changed dramatically over the last few years, and according to that, there is also a big revolution in mobile gaming.

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Things you should know before buying a Gaming Smartphone

When it comes to mobile gaming, we started with snake games, sudoku, cricket, asphalt, and candy crush, but today things have changed. Thanks to games like Asphalt, PUBG, COD Mobile, Genshin Impact, and Garena FreeFire. Indian professional gamers and youth are now looking to play this kind of graphically intense high-end games on mobile devices. As a result, smartphone and chipset manufacturers are being compelled to release gaming-specific devices that emphasize performance and user experience.

If you want to buy a gaming smartphone or simply a phone that performs better than average in games, there are certain key aspects to think about. We are here to aim and offer on specifications about phones which can enhance your gaming performance, focussing on areas that would matter more to gamers than others, such as faster storage and a more powerful processor over a multi-sensor camera.

7 Important specification you should know before buying gaming smartphone

Things you should know before buying a Gaming Smartphone


The first thing you should know before buying a gaming smartphone is chipset.     

 Things you should know before buying a Gaming SmartphoneA high-performance chipset is required for a gaming smartphone to render graphics smoothly, provide good frame rates, and manage system resources. As a result, it is critical that you buy a phone with a powerful chipset, especially if you intend to play games. Your phone will need to be fast, so look for a Snapdragon 700-series or an 800-series device for the best compatibility and performance. You can also look into phones that use the higher-end MediaTek series chips, such as the Density 1000 and Density 1200.


The second thing you should know before buying a gaming smartphone is RAM

When you are going for buying a gaming smartphone, keep RAM in mind, especially if you want to use it for high end games. RAM is critical in gaming since it allows the system to access data more quickly than it can be retrieved from your primary storage disc. A certain amount of RAM is required for games to function properly. The quantity of memory needed by a game is determined by the game you are playing. For instance, PUBG, COD mobile, and free-fire all necessitate a large amount of memory to run smoothly. It may be played with 4 GB of RAM or 12 GB of RAM, however, the quality of gaming will be different depending on which option you choose. Therefore, theoretically, increasing the RAM size is beneficial for gaming performance and results in higher speeds.

   However, even high-end games don't necessitate 12 GB of ram, but the gaming experience is breathtaking because to high refresh rates, intriguing graphics, and a super-smooth display. Professional gamers and live streamers will benefit from the 12GB of RAM because it will allow them to run many applications at once and perform multitasking without experiencing lag or glitches. Aside from that, 8 GB of ram is plenty for most games and casual users. As gaming demands increase in the future, having 12GB of RAM will help you to keep up with all of the new technologies where games were consuming more RAM.


Things you should know before buying a Gaming Smartphone

 The third thing you should know before buying a gaming smartphone is Fast touch response time

Most of smartphone gamers have probably complained about their device's delayed or long response time to a screen tap at some point. One-tenth of a second might not be a big issue for some user but when it come to mobile gaming it makes all the difference in winning and losing, it is quite simple to win a game over a player whose phone displays have lower response time than your phone display. So, if you are going to buy a gaming smartphone make sure that your phone has a Quick Response time.




Things you should know before buying a Gaming Smartphone

 The fourth thing you should know before buying a gaming smartphone is Higher Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is basically the number of times that the phone's screen redraws its image. Hertz is the unit of measurement used to express this frequency (Hz). in simple terms greater refresh rate results in less motion blur and better image quality overall. Regardless of budget, the majority of today's smartphones feature 60Hz displays. well, 60 Hz is fine you won't complain about it, But if you want to have a fully entertaining gaming experience,  look for phones with refresh rates between 90Hz and 120Hz, so your gaming experience becomes sleeker.

High refresh rate screens are best for fast-paced games like BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA, FORTNITE, FREE FIRE, and Asphalt 9: Legends, but you may have to enable them manually. with it, you'll see Smoother images, better details, no lag, and no jittering which enhance the overall gaming experience. Everything feels much more responsive. Higher refresh rates on your phone screen can help your eyes feel more comfortable and less tired. So before buying a gaming smartphone high refresh rate is a key factor.

You may have heard that faster refresh rates reduce battery life, but because mobile processors, batteries, and software optimization are improving, you may only observe this on rare occasions.


The fifth thing you should know before buying a gaming smartphone is Processor


We all know that PROCESSOR is one of the important part your gaming smartphones which is purely responsible for overall  performance . Everything you do on your phone, from opening apps to browsing the internet to watching movies or playing games, is affected by it. The better the processor, the smoother and lag-free the experience with these tasks. 

It functions similarly to the computer's brain. The performance of a processor is primarily determined by two specifications: the number of cores and the clock speeds it provides. The current generations of smartphones are available with a variety of multi-core processors. Dual-core (two), quad-core (four), Hexa-core (six), and octa-core (eight) processors with the latter being the most powerful. Processors are also distinguished by their clock speeds, which are expressed in gigahertz (GHz). This frequently refers to the rates at which each core can perform tasks. Obviously, the higher the number, the better the performance.

     In terms of gaming smartphones, powerful gaming processor have been launched to meet the demands of the ever-increasingly powerful gaming experience. MediaTek and Snapdragon, two of the most talked-about chip brands, have both been active participants in this race, releasing fairly powerful gaming chipsets in recent months.

At last, for buying a gaming smartphones Processors with 6 and 8 cores work best, with clock speeds ranging from 1.5 GHz to 2.4 GHz or higher.

Some of the best processors are listed below –

Apple A15 Bionic (6cores), 3.2 GHz 9clock speed)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (8 cores), 2.8 GHz (clock speed)

Qualcomm snapdragon 870G (8cores), 3.2 GHz ( clock speed)

MediaTek density 1200 (8cores) ,3.0 GHz (clock speed)

MediaTek density 1000 (8cores) , 2.6 GHz (clock speed)


Things you should know before buying a Gaming Smartphone

 The sixth thing you should know before buying a gaming smartphone is Powerful battery backup and Fast charging

When we going for buying gaming smartphones we also need to have an efficient and powerful battery backup, which will allow a gamer to play for longer periods without the need to charge often. Thankfully, most modern smartphones are equipped with high-capacity batteries.

     when you play for a long period on your smartphone, the more power it will draw out. As a result, it is advisable to ensure that your phone has a sufficiently large battery capacity.. Note that factors like a higher resolution and higher refresh rate also drain the battery quickly, so make sure that your gaming smartphone has at least 4000MAh to 6000MAh. so you can enjoy your favorite game for a long period of time.

                  Apart from battery backup charging speed is also a key factor for your gaming smartphone, so when you gonna buying gaming smartphone make sure that your phone supports fast charging as well.

         We all know that games like BATTLE GROUND MOBILE INDIA, FREE FIRE, CALL OF DUTY MOBILE single battle royale match can go on for over 30 minutes, Having a larger capacity battery may be preferable if you want to game for longer periods of time.


Things you should know before buying a Gaming Smartphone

 The seventh and last thing you should know before buying a gaming smartphone is Connectivity and Sound accessories.

While playing multiplayer online games like BGMI, FREE FIRE, COD Mobile on a smartphone, it is of utmost importance that the Wi-Fi or data connection is strong. The MediaTek G series and Qualcomm snapdragon 7&8 series chipset offer lag-free connectivity via 4G and Wi-Fi, which leads to smooth gaming performance.


When we talk about gaming the role of sound is very important and it will make all winning or losing difference in that particular game. As more people use Bluetooth-based audio solutions like true wireless earphones, the 3.5mm port may become outmoded on newer phones. Gamers, on the other hand, will insist on using 3.5mm headphones or earphones because they have zero-latency which means the difference in time between a game sound being generated, and it reaching your ears.

So these are the important specification and key factors which you should know before buying a gaming smartphone. 




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