How You Can Earn Money From Games in 2021

  "Make money from games" listening to this phrase we all absolutely think that, Is there really any legit way to make money by playing games, whether online or offline.

So yes it is 100% true that you can make money from games. So we are here to share all the possible and genuine ways so you can earn money from games easily. 

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Who can earn money from games?

How You Can Earn Money From Games

This is the big question which has in our mind is that 
Can I make money from playing games?

The answer to this question is quite difficult, but if you are a gamer or love to play games, you can definitely!

Your main motive is not to earn money but to play well and be knowledgeable about the games, then you easily earn money from games. If you are only focussing on money and not focussing on your gameplay then it might be difficult for you to make money from games.
So you have to keep in your mind that you will improve your gameplay and strategy of playing games and also try to be knowledgeable about games than we assure you are the one who earn lot of money by playing games.


Do you need a Gaming PC or PS5 to earn money from games?

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple it's not necessary that you only make money from games if you have a gaming PC or Playstation 5.
There are thousands of people who earn money only from their smartphones.
So if you have a smartphone, it is enough for you to earn money for your gaming PC.

Top ways to make money from games 

There are thousands of ways to make money from games but we are here only to discuss legit ways and the most popular ways so that you earn your first dollar from the games.

Become a Quality Assurance Tester for Video Games

This is one of the most effective ways of making money from games. We know that
Video games are the outcome of computer programming – to make a machine work in a way creator and player like "Holodeck" from Star Trek, to look right and perhaps feel as genuine as possible. To do so, game design companies require independent people to play to tell them what's good or terrible, what's working and what isn't.
This is where a QA(Quality Analyser) test is introduced. The designers and developers have not simply had a few technical challenges, they need to know how people feel about a new game or enhanced design. The cables, the circuitry, or the power supply are not tested. They try how much more enjoyable a new or improved game is for players, just like children with a new toy than players already on the market.

QA testers are not playing a game to the greatest level feasible. They're playing many designs, various builds, several times until nothing can be objected to, and say that it was fun.

Consider working in QA as being paid to solve various problems. Any flaw, mistake, or software error must be reproducible so that developers can figure out how to fix it. Because many QA works are contract work, don't expect to get rich. However, it might still pay between $20and $25 per hour, which is greater than the usual minimum-wage employment.

Become A Professional Gamer

If you are one of those who play games more perfectly. Then you will also become a professional gamer or Pro Gamer.

How You Can Earn Money From Games

"A pro player is a competitive player who pays for playing video games in full time. It's like a career in the realm of gaming. The majority of top players are generally compensated for competing in the world's largest sports tournaments by their teams or sponsors. 
A professional gamer makes a lot of money by sponsorship and from gaming tournaments. Pro Gamers currently compete throughout the world, winning millions in the Major League Gaming, International Dota 2 Championship, and Intel Extreme Masters competitions. MLG has developed facilities throughout the country from where professional gaming competitions can be hosted and streamed. It includes even the finest untapped athletes and the scouts and communities on the internet.

Become a GamePlay Tutor

You may also make money by creating video game tutorials on Youtube. Every individual who clicks on it earns money on your YouTube channel or streaming website. Also, you get many other opportunities to make money from your youtube channel such as sponsorship, paid promotions, etc.

How You Can Earn Money From Games

The only thing you require to start a youtube channel is your smartphone and an internet connection and some editing and communicating skills.

Become a Streamer and Entertainer

The "PewDiePie" moniker is known to all gamers or YouTube followers. But what became so famous to Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg?

Well, he just started playing video games and uploading his own videos on YouTube. His name was because he imagined the sound of the video games he chose to play would be pronounced like the "shooter" sound. "Pew pew," – the sound of simulated electronic gunfire or laser blasts.

Originally, he called himself "PewDie," he lost his YouTube account credentials and launched a second channel with the "PewDiePie handle." And ultimately a star was born.

Similarly, Justin Bieber was found to be doing certain songs on YouTube after submitting his own videos.

YouTube's beauty in entertainment is that literally all you need now is a cellphone with a video camera, and you can start uploading your own films in a channel that can be seen and ultimately subscribe to by others who look for online entertainment.

In that sense, AdroidPIT recommends streamers ensure the reliability and proximity of their equipment to professionals.

They propose dual monitoring, and maybe two PCs, so you may play one and watch one video game and react to the other's fans.

To do this, a video capture card is needed to connect both workstations, which helps to stream.

Also, remember that your personality is the key to more than what game you play and equipment, especially in the increasing number of streamers inspired by the success of PewDiePie, and money. (It said that it earns an average of $500,00 per month). You can entertain people, not only play a game alone in your room.

Naturally, your first step is to capture and upload playing video on a YouTube channel.

  • You need a Google Reporting account to build a YouTube channel.
  • Go to Creator Studio on YouTube. You'll be told that you have to develop a video upload channel from here.
  • To create a channel, click "Create a channel."
  • Go to Video Manager to upload videos to your account, and you will find a 'upload' button in the upper right corner.
  • Click it, and your first video will be ready (that you downloaded to your computer). An icon for "live" streaming to your audience is available too.

Login On Twitch

We all know that Twitch is a Live streaming Video platform. It is one of the largest sources of internet traffic from the top countries in the world. Just like Youtube, Twitch has also a Partner program that pays approx $5 for every thousand ad views and $7 for every subscriber.

How You Can Earn Money From Games

This is one of the favorite platforms for gamers so you easily build your gaming audience on twitch. After that, you have a lot of ways to make money from your Twitch channel. You can Place affiliate links, Get sponsorship, and many more.

Twitch's Partner Program allows content creators to split the advertising income produced by their streams with the network. Twitch partners also earn a cut of the monthly channel subscription, however potential partners used to have to have 500 or more average viewers.

In 2017, Twitch established an Affiliate Program to help smaller channels make income.


After gaining a following for your stream, whether on YouTube, Twitch, or elsewhere, you will most likely want to contact sponsors in order to earn additional income, much like television producers used to do in the past.

  • The first step in obtaining sponsors is to prepare to impress them.
  • Next, look for businesses that you enjoy that could be interested in sponsoring you. 
  • Consider whether or not you would or do utilize their goods.
  • Next, choose who in that firm you want to be noticed by. 
  • Use social media to discover them or to assist them in finding you.

And keep in mind that you're not attempting to sell them something; rather, you're trying to persuade them that you can add value to them or their product.

So now we all are able to decide that how will I make money from games using our gaming skills. Now we are going to discuss the top Gaming apps and websites that help you in your earning

Top Apps: You can earn money from them

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you were able to spend at least part of the day playing gaming applications on your phone to make money?
You can also earn some income when you're on your phone anyhow.
That's why this list of the top gaming apps is compiled to help you earn money immediately.
Though these applications will not make you sufficient to give up your day's work, they may be a great way to take a break and earn extra income.

Many apps can only make you money for their use. If you find yourself playing Candy Crush or Two Dots for several hours, consider switching to the following choices.

So, you're going to make money and have fun while you're playing.

Payouts vary from cents to a few dollars at a time for each app. Choose from the list below a few possibilities and test them.


The Swagbucks app is used to earn money in many various ways, and games are only one of several possibilities.

The "Swagbucks," may be settled to large distributors such as Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, and so on for prizes or gift cards.

You can get swags by playing free games like Swagasaurus Run or Swag Memory one of the interesting methods.
There is a daily restriction on how many pickups you may earn from each game, so that you can return every day to raise your income.


Mistplay considers itself a gamers loyalty program. You may find new games, play the games and gain points.

Redemption points so that popular merchants like free cards can receive:
  • Amazon
  • Visa
  • Xbox
  • Starbucks
  • Google Play
  • iTunes
 and more. The Mistplay games are picked based on your gaming habits and interests. This implies that Mistplay works hard to choose games that you like to play.
Joe C. states in his assessment of Google Play, "That is as generous as I saw as the so-called applications that offer you actual money." You can easily make $5 within a week if you play casually few hours here and there."
Google Play presently provides Mistplay, but an iOS waiting is present.


Are you scratch-off hooked to games? Lucktastic is a free game that helps you fulfill your dream and gain money without tangible tickets.

Prices may go as high as $10,000, so you get a chance to make real cash.

You may also make up for gift cards and other awards for your victories. Most payments in cash are less than 25 cents, but it's fast to build if you are fortunate several times.

You may also earn points that are redeemable in the prize shop for rewards.

Inbox Dollars

Check out InboxDollars if you would want to earn cash rather than coins or incentives. This free software provides you a wide range of free and paid games for cash. You may save your income for real money as opposed to other applications.
Over 30 free games, including word search, swimming, pursuit, card games, sudoku and more, are available. Average income per action is between 25 cents and $5, so your money may easily rise.
You can withdraw the cash and deposit it in your bank account or savings account once you are ready to cash out.

Some additional ways to make money, like enquiries, online searches and more are also available. InboxDollars.


Love to demonstrate your mastery of trivia? You certainly need to try HQ if this is the case. With this entertaining, quick pace quiz game you may compete and receive cash rewards. Players must answer each question of multiple choices within 10 seconds.
The app is a live game show that is broadcasted every day at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Usually at 3 p.m. Eastern on weekdays also there is another show.
You must answer 12 questions, which go to the individual who properly answers all of them in order to win the Grand Prize.
However, the reward must be divided between all respective winners when several persons answer all questions correctly. Daily awards amount to $5,000 and $25,000 is awarded in Sunday.

 Long Game

Although long games might be an enjoyable way to spend time, they can also help you reach your financial objectives. 
To start, your identification must be verified and your bank account is linked to the app.
You need to set yourself a savings objective, like saving on a payment for a car down. Then choose how much each payday you wish to add to your account.
You'll earn coins to play cash reward games every time you contribute money to your account.

You are responsible for all the money you put on your account for in-app savings. The bank account is guaranteed by FDIC for additional safety and tranquillity.

Brain Battle

Brain Battle had provided lucky participants with tens of thousands of dollars. You do so by sharing with a lucky winner some of the publicity income.

No shopping and no winning playing are included in the app.

Download this free software and play ticket collecting any of the games. You must get at least one ticket for the draws of the cash prizes

The better your chances of winning the ultimate prize, the more tickets you have. The money is paid by means of a money transfer from Paypal.

Google Play Store and iTunes App Store are available for Brain Battle.

Lucky Day 

Do you feel that itch? Check the Lucky Day app that takes the casino to your hands. Select from a range of casino games including as slots, rifles, raffles and more.

You have the opportunity to win real cash awards, including a $100,000 daily draw.

Even if the big prize is not won, you still earn points that may be utilized by famous shops like Amazon for gift cards. You may also enter rifles, lots and sweepstakes using the points.

New scratch cards are available every day, so if you did not win the day before, you might want to get back and try your luck again.

PCH games

The application will be managed shortly by the Publishers Clearing House or PCH. Go to PCHGames for scratch cards to access and immediately win games to win up to $2,500.

Some of the app's games include mahjong, solitaire, slots, and more. You're going to earn tokens for entering prize drawings. You can win rewards up to $1 million if you're very fortunate.

In addition to luck with a top reward, you may also pay your items to make exciting donations, such gift cards and merchandise.


A combination of both free and paid games is available in the Pogo app. From arcade games to card classics there are many diverse options. The free version of the game allows you to make points and enter drawings for various games.

You may enter tournaments with the premium version and compete for further points. It also offers an ad-free playback experience and access to other games.

You may join a daily draw for $50 with both versions. Moreover, a $500 jackpot may be scored for games alone.


There are lots of alternatives if you are seeking some free gaming applications, which may help you spend time and make some cash.

All gaming apps are slightly different, and provide a unique chance for collecting points, coins, etc., for rewards, cash, or gift cards.

Some applications offer you the opportunity to earn large amounts to pay off your school debts, mortgage, or just adjust your savings account.

There are undoubtedly free choices that will earn you real money if there is some kind of game you love, like a trivia or game-show style.

If you spend hours perusing the web on your phone or scrolling through social media, try one of these applications.

Over time, the rewards may mount up very fast and provide you with some extra income. You may be one of the fortunate winners of the Grands Prix with the opportunity to score as much as 1 million dollars.


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