Best PC game under 500 MB

 If you have a lack of storage on your PC and you don't want to install big-sized games on your PC then here is the list of best PC games under 500 Mb, which are the most entertaining as well as most demanding game over the years.

So the PC game listed below has a size under 500 MB.

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1. Soldier Elite 

Best PC game under 500 MB

In this game, the elite offers a radar map that despite the location and movement of all the guards in the level with color code that indicates the level of awareness if you make too much noise they will come looking around if they see you they will shoot you on sight. 

2. Half-life 2 

Best PC game under 500 MB

Half-life 2 is the Single-player first-person shooter in which player control Gordon Freeman it has similar mechanics to half-life including health and weapon system and physics puzzles except with the newest Source engine with improved graphics and the fact that it now comes as a highly compressed pc game under 500 MB

3. Sniper Path Vengeance 

Best PC game under 500 MB

One of the best Sniper PC game under 500 MB in our loss, In this game the plot revolves around a sniper and how he is challenged by his Foust you will have to deal with many extreme situations and get yourself alive.

4. SimCity 3000

Best PC game under 500 MB

 In This Game, you have to show your architectural skills and build yourself a city that has everything from skyscraper to nuclear plants and makes it one of the best cities in the world and that from the scratch there are many changes between SimCity 3000 and it's an immediate processor SimCity 2000 these changes spent both the integral city management aspect of the game, as well as graphics and landscape aspects more and newer cities, are featured these changes create a greatly different experience from that of SimCity 2000 though you can consider SimCity 2000 also and is obviously the best PC game under 500 MB.

5. Zombie hobby VR 

Best PC game under 500 MB

Who love shooting game and killing zombies or aliens I have bought you one of the best PC games under 500 MB the game features an action shooter gameplay where your only motive will be to well you guessed it to kill those zombies and of course, have fun while doing it but by looking at the title of the game you should know it's a VR game so you will need a VR to operate this game for those would be our download this highly compressed best PC game under 500 MB. 

6. Spiderman 2000 

Best PC game under 500 MB

The best PC game for under 500 MB is Spiderman 2000 and which was released in the year 2000 and it was on the popular game at that time the game has players controlling spiderman as he goes through each level either trying to race the exit or complete a cut in obstacle the game follows a storyline with spiderman he is being framed by his double ganger and it's no original situation the gameplay has many missions and objectives as one can see that the play has to complete in many levels. You are definitely going to enjoy this highly compressed PC game under 500 MB.

7. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Rogue spear 

Best PC game under 500 MB

The game revolves around the counterterrorism unit called rainbows. It is responsible for fighting against all the terrorist organizations all around the world you will love everything about this game from its huge weapon to its larger-than-life gameplay which makes you feel that you are at the war. 

8. Gone Home 

Best PC game under 500 MB

Gone home is the best-compressed game for under 500 MB what you will love about this game is that the game is full of adventure and you will never know what you discover next you will play as a woman who just comes to a home from overseas just to find a home empty and everyone is gone now she will have to go on a mission to find out what really happened and for that, she will have to find clues and make a constitution.

9. War Wind 2 Human Onslaught 

Best PC game under 500 MB

This is one of the best PC games under 500 MB that you can have it is a real-time strategic computing game. The game can be played on both single and multiplayer modes the game is said in the North Pole with the discovery of the tablets of Naga roam the game is all about your strategic skills and how you approach your particular situation it's one of the most interesting PC game that you can find under 500 MB.

10. Drift Force 

Best PC game under 500 MB

Drift force racing is definitely one of the most loving genoise and we're gonna say everyone should have at least one racing game in their PC well actually I don't but almost everyone but as much as they are fun to play they are not so easy to download on your PC because of their size. This game is all about racing and surviving the race until you are the last one standing. Drift force is the kind of game that is easy to play but hard to master the game is full of obstacles that you have to avoid if you want to win a map is there to help you through it you will have to survive the race as long as possible. 


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