Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

We are living in the 21st century where students and people, in general, are more inclined towards technology to help them with there problems that they have in their minds. In this article, I'm going to discuss, are smartphones and computers are really useful for students. 

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

Those days are gone when students had to run to different libraries to get materials for their studies or projects or to prepare for different competitive exams. With the coming of technology and advancement in technology, it has become so easy for the students to know everything about anything with just one click.

Not only are students using smartphones to record lectures, photograph instructor notes, and collaborate via cloud-based applications, but some instructors are also permitting the student to research items of interest during a lecture or use Twitter to open a backchannel of conversation and increase student participation and engagement.

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Let's see how smartphones and computers are useful to the students:-

Helps in the studies

No doubt smartphones and computers have replaced traditional classrooms, students now use the internet to get done with their studies. 

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

There are plenty of educational apps and video lectures available on youtube that helps students a lot with their studies. Access them from anywhere and anytime, this means that you can manage your time effectively without affecting your schedule for other important stuff like sports, clubs, etc.

Learning goes on even when out of class

You are not able to attend your classes and still don't want to be behind your syllabus, no need to worry, you can just easily download your book's pdf which is generally available on the internet or you can simply refer to the lectures available on Youtube. You are not in the class and got to make a presentation for tomorrow. Having a smartphone in your pocket you can easily make presentations whether you are home or traveling in a bus or train with the help of different applications available on the app store.

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

With the effect of the corona pandemic, schools and colleges were closed for months, and smartphones and computers came out to be a boon for students as they were able to continue their studies with the help of online platforms like zoom and google meet.

Listen to podcasts and read the news

Students can enhance their scope of knowledge by listening to different types of podcasts. Podcasts not only enhance the knowledge of people but also helps improve their communication skills. There are a few categories of podcasts that basically focus on certain niches like personality development, sci-fi podcasts, motivational stories, etc.

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

News apps and websites keep the students up to date with the surroundings and what's really going on in the world. 

Learning a new language

These days there is a crazy trend of learning new languages amongst the students, as they are meeting new people from different cultures in their schools and colleges or some fests or events. Learning a new language has become very easy today and one can follow different techniques to learn whatever language they want to learn. The technique that I personally follow is the one that includes listening, grasping, and repeating. 

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

There are so many tutorials too on the internet for learning a new language and it is totally up to the students which method they find easy to approach.

Building skills and hobbies  

Learning how to play guitar and piano or learning how to cook or make your own website has become almost a piece of cake with the help of the internet. All you need to do to build those skills is consistency and regular practice by watching the tutorials available on youtube almost daily. Even, those skills or hobbies that you build can land you a decent-paying job.

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

Earning money from home

Millions of students graduated last year and because of covid, they were almost jobless. Thanks to smartphones and computers that allowed them to work from home with decent earnings. Students can search for part-time online internships also that just requires a computer or laptop and an internet connection. Along with this, you can start your own work too like coding, blogging, vlogging, trading, freelancing, etc. where in return you make thousands and sometimes millions too.  

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?


Students sometimes get frustrated with their busy schedules which include studies, classes, exams, assignments, etc. Their mind needs some entertainment to relax and boost their productivity. There are a plethora of free movies and TV apps for Android and iOS that students can download on their smartphones and watch in their free time. 

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

OTT platforms these days mainly focus on making student-oriented shows from which students get to learn so many things. Shows like Elite, Sex Education, 13 reasons why and much more are really worth watching. 


Video games these days have a separate fan base around the world. People play games, do online streamings and become famous gamers. Gamers like PewDewPie AKA Felix Kjellberg, Preston AKA Preston Arsement, and Shroud AKA Michael Grzesiek earn millions just by playing and streaming video games online.

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

There are plenty of gaming apps and websites where you can play games and can earn money too. Check out Top Money earning gaming apps and websites 

Use notetaking apps

This is the 21st century where if you want to take a note of something you don't always need a paper, just open your mobile phone, open the notes app and write whatever you want to write into it. This saves a large chunk of papers that are manufactured from cutting trees and also you don't have to search for papers every time in order to write something instantly.

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

Access an online dictionary and thesaurus

Online dictionaries and thesaurus are really helpful and easy to use, it allows students to search the meaning of any word just within seconds. When compared to printed dictionaries, it allows them to search for meanings faster. And of course, you don't always have to carry heavy books if you are having a smartphone in your pocket.

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

Helpful Location Apps

Enabling locations on smartphones really helps parents to trace their children. Not only does it help parents but also helps students to track their exam centers, colleges, shortcuts, etc. You are on a road trip with your friends and you want to take a shortcut to reach your destination early, location app like Google maps is really helpful in this thing, it just gives you the best possible route to your destination which saves you from traffic and saves your precious time.

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

Conference calls

With the coming of mobile phones and the internet, it has become so easy to call our friends from wherever and at whatever time. Conference calls help students interact with multiple friends at one time, this enhances the productivity and efficiency of students particularly when they are working on a project together.

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?

Video conference helps employees of firms to organize online meetings, these are really helpful as people don't have to go anywhere in order to attend a meeting, they just need to open their mobile phones or laptops and the best thing about it is that it is totally free and just needs a good internet connection.

Get Help During Emergencies

If you find yourself in trouble you can simply call anyone from your contact list if you are having your mobile phone in your pocket. There are a lot of things that can happen within a fraction of seconds like accidents or massive fire in the building, with the help of a smartphone one can simply make a call to the emergency services in order to get help immediately. Smartphones allow parents to communicate with their children at all times, even when they are at school. 

Are smartphones and computers useful for students?


In the end, In my opinion, I would say Smartphones and computers are really useful and helpful for the students especially when it comes to their overall development, but smartphones and computers are not everything in this world, there are plenty of other important things too like sports, good food habits, hobbies, social life, etc. that are needed to be focused upon by every individual.


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