Which device is best for heavy gaming : a PC or a Laptop

  At present, the gaming industry is at boom and when we have to make a choice of buying a gaming laptop or gaming PC for heavy gaming, we all probably get confused about the performance and efficiency of the device which we are going to buy for heavy gaming.

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So we are here to help you in making your decision of buying a gaming PC or a gaming laptop for heavy gaming. In this blog, we are going to discuss every single advantage and disadvantage of having a laptop or a PC so you can make choices easily.

Which is best for heavy gaming a PC or a Laptop


Performance is one of the important factors to compare between any device because at last everyone wants a good performance device. So when it comes to comparison between a gaming PC or a gaming laptop, performance does not create a big difference between a laptop or a PC if you buy the same specification laptop or a PC.

Many people think that a gaming PC is more efficient in performance when we compare it in terms of long hour run but it is not true. Modern gaming laptops also have the same performance and efficiency so before making a decision of buying a gaming PC over a gaming Laptop on the basis of performance it's not appropriate.

Our Final Word is that performance does not create much difference when you are going to buy the same specification gaming laptop and PC.


Portability is the most important feature of laptops and it creates a huge difference for you if you are a person who mostly lives out of the home. Carrying a desktop is quite difficult or impossible for you because a PC has a lot of parts such as a Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, headphones, mic, UPS, CPU, and web-cam while a gaming laptop has a built-in display, keyboard, track-pad, mic, speaker, WiFi, and webcam, therefore, it is much easier to carry a laptop than a PC.
Which is best for heavy gaming a PC or a Laptop

Gaming PC also requires the power supply to start while in the gaming laptop you have a battery which gives you a backup of 4-12 hours depending on the laptop you choose.
In PC, for performing every specific task you require an external device such as for I/O Keyboard, Mouse, and for internet connectivity a router, for I/O of sound you need a mic and speaker so its make quite difficult to carry all these peripherals devices whereas laptop has all these features inbuilt so you only need to carry a laptop in your bag along with its charger.

So in terms of portability laptop is very good in comparison to a PC.

Upgradation of Hardware 

Everyone wants to upgrade their device from time to time with the latest processor and GPU to improve the performance of the device. When it comes to upgrading the hardware of a laptop it's become quite difficult or you cant upgrade the processor and graphics card of the laptop because in most of the laptops it was seen that their processor and graphics card is soldered with the motherboard.

But you can easily upgrade the RAM, SSD, and HDD, of a laptop if your laptop has an extra slot of RAM, SSD, and HDD. Most gaming laptops came with this option so if you have less storage or low volatile memory then you can easily upgrade it.

Now comes to upgrading the hardware of the PC, it is very easy to upgrade a PC hardware you can upgrade all your PC component without any difficulty because each and every part of the PC you can easily assemble whether it is the processor, GPU, RAM, motherboard, SMPS and so on.

So if you are a gamer who wants to upgrade the hardware of their gaming device from time to time then you should definitely go with the gaming PC because in gaming laptops you can upgrade only storage and RAM.

Device Customization

Again when we are talking about the customization of your gaming device then the gaming laptops are difficult to customize due to their compact size and their design. The same laptop specification we have to use from the date of purchase until we replace our gaming laptop so customization is very less in Laptops.

Which is best for heavy gaming a PC or a Laptop

But when we are talking about the customization of gaming PC/PC, we have a very vast option. You can customize each and every component of the PC according to your need. You can easily customize the cooling system of your PC which ultimately enhances the processing speed of your gaming PC for the heavy task. Also, you can customize the RGB lighting and the design of your CPU and Monitor so that your gaming PC looks better visually. There are thousands of ways to customize your gaming PC.


Gaming Performance

The main question arises in our mind that while heavy gaming which device performs better a gaming PC or a gaming laptop? 
The answer is very simple that if you buy the same specification gaming laptop or a gaming PC then the gaming performance is almost the same on both devices.
But for long hours of gaming, there may be some lag in gameplay you can experience on a laptop due to a thermal issue while on a gaming PC you can add more coolant or nitrogen cooling system so that you cannot experience a lag during long hours of gaming.  


Repairing, it's a very important factor that creates a lot of difference between a gaming PC or a Laptop because in laptops when a problem came in GPU and Processor you have to change the whole motherboard which is not economically feasible. While in gaming PC when you have some problem with the processor or GPU you can easily replace all these parts and that is very economical.

So repairing of gaming PC is very easy and economical while repairing a gaming laptop is costlier.


Which is best for heavy gaming a PC or a Laptop

Price is a very important key factor for the individual who wants to buy a gaming PC or a gaming laptop for heavy gaming. It is seen that Gaming Laptops are costlier than a gaming PC of the same specification so if you have a limited budget so we will suggest you go with the gaming PC because it is highly Upgradable and customizable according to your need.

Side by Side Comparison 








Same specification- same performance as PC

Same specification- same performance as a laptop 



More Portable 

Not portable 


Upgrading Hardware

Upgrade only RAM, SSD, and HDD 

Upgrade every component  




Highly Customizable 



  Little bit Higher   Price than Pc


 Lower Price than a         laptop




Less economical feasible


More Economical feasible


Gaming Performance


 Same gaming performance as same specification gaming PC

 Same gaming performance as a same specification gaming laptop


At last, it is quite difficult to say which performs better a gaming PC or a laptop because it all depends on your usage or need. For long hour gaming definitely, the gaming PC performs a little bit better than a gaming laptop while if you are the person who wants to enjoy gaming at different places then a gaming laptop is the best option for you because it is handy or highly portable than a gaming PC.

So it all depends on your need. Both gaming Pc and gaming Laptop performances are excellent. The portability, hardware up-gradation, customization creates the main difference in terms of features not in terms of performance.

Our Final word is that for heavy gaming, both gaming Pc or gaming laptop performs well.


if you have any doubt please let me know!

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