In Minecraft, learn how to tame a fox and make a new friend

There are numerous creatures in Minecraft that you can pet or befriend to accompany you. One of them is the Fox, and in order to properly tame a Fox in Minecraft, you must know and do a number of things. If you want to find and keep a cute little Fox as your pet in Minecraft, this is the guide for you.

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In Minecraft, learn how to tame a fox and make a new friend

Knowing how to tame a fox in Minecraft allows you to obtain a charming friend to accompany you on your travels, and who wouldn't want a foxy friend by their side? If that isn't thrilling enough, taming a Minecraft fox unlocks the ability to breed it, providing you with some instantly tamed offspring to supplement your brood. It's up to you how you utilize this power, but if you want, you can keep this processing running until you're commanding a whole fox army in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, where can I found a fox?

One thing to keep in mind with Minecraft foxes is that they are nocturnal animals, which means that anyone wishing to start their search will have to do so at night. Of course, while you're around, things become a little more risky, so newcomers will want to be sure they can defend themselves against anything that could want to convert your new pet into food before they go fox-hunting.

In Minecraft, learn how to tame a fox and make a new friend

Foxes can be found at night in taiga biomes, usually because they like to nest in lush trees. Foxes can be found in the taiga biomes of taiga, huge tree taiga, and snow taiga. You can also locate them in taiga communities if you live in that part of the planet.
There is a tiny possibility that foxes will spawn as cubs, and if you are in a snow taiga biome, the foxes will be white rather than the traditional russet with whitetails.

In Minecraft, here's how to tame a fox?

So, it's nighttime, and you've located a fox, but it keeps scampering away from you. Foxes, like other timid species in Minecraft, are a little bashful, so you'll have to sneak upon them. However, having some Sweet Berry on hand is a simple method to bridge the gap between humans and fox kind. They adore this stuff, so make sure you have a good supply before approaching them and engaging with the fox. Little hearts will blossom above you to signal that they have received your gift.

In Minecraft, learn how to tame a fox and make a new friend

Once you've done this a few times - we discovered that four or so helpings of Sweet Berry did the trick - the joyful critter will be tamed and become your buddy. If you feed two foxes in the same area Sweet Berries and tame them both, they have a chance to reproduce! Foxes that trust you will occasionally bring you objects that they pick up in their jaws, and though we primarily received feathers, we're sure there are other wonderful stuff that they can collect if given the opportunity.

In Minecraft, bred foxes are automatically tame.

Wanting to dress an army of foxes in Minecraft would definitely become an animal-shaped sweet berry if not for one single save: each fox cushion that is the result of two dressed foxes would be born immediately dressed up. That's correct.

You just need to utilize those Sweet Berries on the initial breeding couple of foxes, and their progeny will naturally be tame and warm up to you. We found that they were fast to run away soon the sun rose, so if you want to retain a large fox pack, you'll need to fence them in. Fox cubs will remain close to their parents rather than following the player around, so you won't have to worry about having a companion while you're knee-deep in foes. Foxes that are trustworthy enough will hurt opponents who are injuring you, however, we would like to keep cubs out of it for the time being.

Now that you know how to tame a fox in Minecraft, all that remains is for you to explore the biomes of your choice and collect some devoted pets for yourself. Simply outfit yourself with Sweet Berries, patience, and resources for some late-night reconnaissance until you come upon these cuddly, soon-to-be pals.

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