Guide For Defeating Iceborne Velkhana: Monster Hunter World

If you are a player of Monster Hunter World and You are getting tired to defeat Iceborne Velkhana then here is the complete guide for defeating Iceborne Velkhana. You only have to follow the guide given below:

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The Monster Hunter World: iceborne Velkhana is the face of this bloodless growth. No longer best is it a visually beautiful and powerful creature; it’s also an extremely effective one and can command ice in a way that no other monster can. Along its deadly spear-like tail, it also breathes freezing air, can reason chunks of ice to shape above you and weigh down you, it also can change the landscape itself with its icy blasts. You’re going to want to be organized to overcome down this cool creature, and that’s where we are available to guide you that how can you defeat Iceborne Velkhana.

Guide For Defeating Iceborne Velkhana Monster Hunter World

About Velkhana's Powers 

Velkhana is a completely unique and Powerful creature in Monster Hunter World. The Elder dragon uses a mixture of ice-based ranged attacks and sharp, particular tail strikes. Neither of those features like plenty of different creatures in global or even iceborne. And you’ll want to get used to how Velkhana telegraphs the movements.

The tail stabs aren’t too problematic. Velkhana will turn her head to stand a goal, then spin her whole body round to make the stab. The stab itself isn’t too tricky to avoid, both. Its area of impact is small, because it’s a stab in place of a swipe, and shouldn’t be hard to dam or evade. You simply need to look at it out for whilst Velkhana, again and again, moves again and again! In that case, moving into near or the usage of the “Superman dive” might be your first-class option.

In any other case Velkhana more often than not is predicated on ice assaults. Those obviously inflict iceblight, which increases the quantity of stamina you eat while sprinting, dodging, and so forth. However, she additionally has a special effect that (thus far) most effective Velkhana inflicts. The monster can genuinely freeze you in place! This occurs when Velkhana breathes her freezing steam immediately onto the floor. Your person will stroll slowly and be left open to comply with-up assaults.

Velkhana additionally creates ice out of skinny air. This will occur out of the floor within the form of ice partitions that sprout in up to 3 waves at a time. The elder dragon also can summon icicles out of the air that drops onto unsuspecting gamers. Your nice guess is to run far from both of those assaults or use the aforementioned dive capacity. You can inform while an ice attack is coming — and in which it's going to appear — by means of the round waves of cold that unfold out at the floor whilst Velkhana readies to summon them. The aerial ice shards are also visible forming above the floor before they drop.

Subsequently, Velkhana can hearth “beams” of frozen air from her mouth. She rears up with loads less caution than Vaal Hazak (who has a similar beam assault) and will blow you again however accurate. Those are unblockable without the protect up-skill or set bonus.

 About Velkhana's  Weakness

Guide For Defeating Iceborne Velkhana  Monster Hunter World

If you’re bringing along any kind of ice-elemental weapon to this assigned quest, we are going to have you forestall you properly there due to the fact that is the one detail that Velkhana is immune to.

Make sure you deliver a fire-kind weapon if you can but if no longer, thunder and dragon show to be effective as properly.

Velkhana is also very liable to blast, so when you have a weapon or bow with that form of detail or ammo, carry it alongside. It may additionally be effortlessly poisoned, so in case you’re having a problem whittling its health down, poison may be a powerful tactic.

If you sincerely discover yourself having a problem slaying Velkhana, try and hop online and try and discover other people who are on the same quest as you or a person who's farther inside the story that allows you to out.

To sum things up

  • Stay far away from its ice breath attacks and roll closer to the attack in preference to walking away.
  • Deliver alongside the fireplace, thunder, or dragon-kind weapons.
  • Use poison to assist whittle down its health.
  • Bounce online and attempt to find a few assists.

Its Hunt Time

Guide For Defeating Iceborne Velkhana Monster Hunter World

Ensure you pick up slinger ammo, as the greatswords slinger combination lets you get on your authentic charge a great deal faster.

You want to play the long recreation with Velkhana. If you try to wing it, he will decimate you in some hits. Be patient and attempt to preserve your health above 3-fourth regardless of what; one mistake may want to take out a large chew.

When you get to Velkhana, equip your vitality mantle (and temporal mantle after that) to get in as many hits as possible.

The principal aspect to keep in mind is to stay near Velkhana and live on his facet. If at any point you locate yourself head to head with him, irrespective of what, simply roll to the facet. This has saved me from his brief ice beams endless times.

If you need to close the gap on him, ensure you run at him out of your proper flank. This could ensure the straight ice beam doesn’t hit you. If he plays the radial ice beam, it’s continually from his proper to left, so that you’ll have enough time to get to his facet before you’re hit

Here’s the way you deal with his main attacks:

Tail stabs: those are telegraphed pretty generously, so you can just roll your way out of them.

Straight ice beam: as noted in advance, roll to the facet every time you’re head to head, even at a protracted distance.

Radial ice beam: in case you happen to be stranded within the open whilst he finally ends up the radial ice beam, a perfectly timed superman evade (dash and stay away from) ought to do the trick. The ice beam has a nasty dependency on taking pictures thru stable rock occasionally, so be wary of that.

Floor slam: there are approaches to coping with this. You could run like hell whenever Velkhana takes to the air; however, if you’re too sluggish, or your stamina runs out, that’s a massive bite of your fitness bar. The second way is to function yourself in this type of way that you can roll inwards after the first ring explodes.

In view that we’re gambling the long run, you run the risk of getting timed out. Ensure you inflict as lots damage as you may while the opportunity arises. The mantles are the right manner to ensure that.

Use the slinger combinations and slinger mounts to put on him down while no longer enraged. Wall slams are also an awesome manner to knock him down and get unfastened hits.

To sum things up:

  • Play the lengthy game.
  • Be close and to the aspect of Velkhana.
  • It's better to avoid face-to-face with him.
  • Near the space out of your proper flank.


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