Top 15 offline games for Android and iOS

Here are the list of Top 15 offline games for Android and iOS .  You will play these game easily when you have no internet data, or WiFi..

So here is the list---

1. Truber brook 

Truber Brook

Trubber brook

Now landed on the app store in google playas a premium game. It's an atmospheric mystery adventure game with a great aesthetic that see player take on the role of Hans Toshauser.Hans is an american physicist who ends up in the village of truber brook for a surreal experience.

At number one we have Truber brook out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.

Truber brook :-

2. Otherworld legends

Other World legends

Other World legends

A super hectic action roguelike game,
where player can explore beautiful other worlds and collect bizarre and funny items and experiment with their combinations
to find the best build the game features
super punchy controls and
very satisfying combat experience and
many heroes at your choice
each with a distinct fighting style
melee ranged magicand also a huge variety of enemies.
At number two we have  Otherworld legend out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.

3. Worlds end Club

This is an action-adventure puzzle game about a group of 12 kids that are forced to play a death game orchestrated by a mysterious clown overall the game fusses a thrilling story with 2d side-scrolling action the game features 12 unique and interesting characters and famous locations all over japan. In the game player can choices alter the course of the adventure throughout the branching story. 
At number three we have World's end Club out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.

4. Runic curse

Runic Curse

This is an action RPG game where you
will play the role of a boy whose name
is Adrian.He wakes up on an unknown island that has been overtaken by the so-called runic curse and his mission is to find out what happened to his crew on the
island with a terrible fate the game features
dynamic combat system with stamina
management and roles. You can level system with a selective increase of characteristics equipment and abilities in addition the game has several epic bosses where you have to fight and defeat them.
At number four we have Runic Curse  out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.
Runic Curse:- 

5. Sky duels 

Sky duels

Sky duels

It's an aerial arcade style flying endless open world game the gameplay is simple you have to shoot down the planes
blimp jet and many more it's an
unapologetically simple game with sharp
controls challenging gameplay bright and
attractive aesthetics.
At number five we have Sky duels  out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.

6. Vikings war

Vikings War

Vikings war

This is a role playing game where you
will play a role of viking leader and conquer the known world you expelled from your kingdom.
You go in search of adventure you will
explore mysterious places to get the most powerful items in the game and attack on enemies to gain power every level are dynamic they change every time you play them also it has short missions of a few
minutes overall the graphics are decent and
controls are good.
At number six we have Vikings war out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.
Vikings War :-

7. MM-2 racing


MM 2 Racing

It's a racing game where you will race
with the bus in each race there are four buses and your main objective is to overtake all the buses and finish the line first. There are six different tracks and five different classic buses available in the game that you can unlock with progression.
Overall the graphics of this game is super and download size of the game is small.
At number seven we have MM2 RACING  out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.

8. Battle royale fire force

Battle royal

Battle royal

 It's a game featuring solo team fight and team deathmatch mode give the player a thrilling,dramatic,sensation.
The gameplay is simple each match will have a lot of participants in solo or team form your task is to find every way to become the final survivor person on the island fire force offers some elements of free fire and fortnight like skydiving with surfing board and weapon bag the downsides of the game are countless but under 150 megabytes we getting a br.
At number eight we have Battle royale fire force out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.

Battle Royal:-

 9. Night Speed

Night Speed

This is an arcade racing game featuring a procedural track generation which makes this game very brilliant and energetic you can take your car up and unlock a lot of customized parts also the game offers several soundtracks during the race that really enhance the joy of racing at the time in short you have to drive your car in the night condition and win the race.
At number nine we have Night Speed out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.

10. Flight 

It's an indie game features a relaxing
meditative flying adventure with dynamic
day and night. The first thing you'll likely notice about flight is how great it looks
besides you become a monk that turns
into a raven to venture the scenic open
world based on nepal. The downside of flight is the game offers no mission so you roam around and enjoy the environment but for a paid game it's not worth it.
At number ten we have Flight out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.

11. Legend Arya


This is a survival shooting game in which you control player with only one hand. The gameplay of legend of arya is so simple you only control your hero's movement
he will take care of the rest. The only downside of the game is level missions are short besides it's a good free-to-play game for time killing. 
At number eleven we have Legend Arya out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.
Legend Arya :-

12. Shuyan saga

Shuyan Saga

Shuyan Saga

It's a graphic novel with the 3d combat system.The graphic novel is represented through comic art style drawings that are
beautifully done it has plenty of
interactive dialogue choices with a rich
chinese style the kung fu elements come
alive through these 3d combat system
the moves and the game feel is good and
having one-on-one combat and group
combat has enhanced the variety of ways
to play in addition it is a very creative idea
to combine a combat system
with a graphic novel.
At number twelve we have Shuyan Saga out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.
Shuyan saga :- 

13. Emoji adventure

Emoji Adventure

Emoji Adventure

It's a puzzle adventure game where you
have to play this game smartly and cross all the maze without coming in front of anyone also you must collect more coins to
score more and upgrade the skill of your character like stealth and other abilities with that coins besides. The game offers
lots of levels and fun puzzles which the game very fabulous overall the graphics and controls of this game are pretty good.
At number thirteen we have Emoji Adventure out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.

Emoji adventure:-

14. Roaring racing

Roaring Racing

Roaring Racing

It's a game that focuses mostly on racing you'll be racing around corners trying to get
an edge against your opponents.
It comes with different difficulties based on skill level there are usual features including cars to unlock campaign mode various tracks and tuning.
At number 14 we have Roaring Racing out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.
Roaring Racing:-

15. Rage City

Rage City

Rage City

We have rage city it's an open world
game where the player's main job is to
create destruction and other several jobs as a thief stealing cars,secret packages while using lots of weapons and guns.
This is a game full of action and no breathtaking content but graphics in the game are designed in a humorous cartoon style that makes the whole game look common suitable for many ages.
Finally At number 15 we have rage city out of Top 15 Offline games for Android and iOS.
Rage City :-


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